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D4 (Dimension Four®)

We want our clients to secure the business outcomes they need and have found no better method to define those outcomes than the Isochron Dimension Four® method.  SSAPS is pleased to be associated with Isochron.  Our consultants have been trained in D4.

D4 (Dimension Four®) is a new joined-up set of techniques which enable people to do more with less, enabling much better assurance of achieving change outcomes and Return On Investment.  It is refreshingly commonsensical and simple.

D4 techniques, processes and approaches enable you to make change happen, whether you are in a large corporation or an SME and whether in the public or private sector.

D4 helps you with gaining consensus about outcomes, benefits realisation, making portfolios deliver, mobilising business-as-usual, maximising benefits, producing auditable business cases, enabling change management and cutting costs.

D4 can be used to complement traditional project and change management or as a comprehensive stand-alone method. But it adds a new dimension - right-to-left instead of left-to-right thinking and one in which deadlines and payback are prioritised.

D4 consists of techniques, templates, case studies, credentials, training and support. It can be applied by means of interviews and meetings or through workshops focused around the D4 techniques.