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Supply Chain Optimisation

Traditionally the procurement functions of public and private sector organisations are focused on the next expiring contract or a new contract need. This re-activity to business need satisfies tactical customer demand but the provision of commodity supplies and services can be more strategic. Our consultants reduce cost and enhance value from the tactical supply base. By deploying category management techniques we release ‘profit’ to the bottom line or for re-deployment into front line services.


SSAPS specialises in:


Spend Analysis, Cost Reduction and Strategic Planning

We analyse your purchase ledger either manually or using our partner’s innovative tool (RaPID). Our consultants interpret the results and develop strategies and plans to reduce bottom line cost in the context of your ‘contract landscape’ and the capability of the market. The initial analysis is used as a cost benchmark which gives visibility to the emerging cost improvements in expenditure derived from implementing the recommendations.


Channel Strategies

Building upon the Spend Analysis and Strategic Planning we develop strategies which, when linked to catalogues, streamline your channels to market minimising profligate buyer choice and transaction costs. Additional benefits are derived through joined-up procurement if channel strategies are developed with partner organisations possibly leading to shared services.


Category Management including Purchasing Project Management

Through our leadership we:

    • Implement effective best practice procurement to achieve business objectives for each category;
    • Develop better relationships with suppliers and a deeper understanding of the supply market;
    • Better manage supply risks; and
    • Identify optimum cost/performance ‘trade offs’.

In this context, our consultants lead the procurement process using best practice category management tools and techniques including e-purchasing, e-auctions.


Supplier and Supply Chain Management

Having delivered the right contracts, in the right way and at the right time we shall ensure continued compliance and high performing B2B supply through effective supplier management. Using structured and attentive management arrangement we ensure transparency and nurturing the supplier(s) to perform and add value where possible.


Contact us to explore how SSAPS can release profit to your bottom line or funds for re-investment.