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Sourcing Strategies

A business is designed to either make a profit or deliver an effective and efficient service. It is a straight line activity: buy-in goods and services (including labour), undertake core processes and deliver to the location needed.

Over many years commercial innovation has adbvanced. Businesses are forced to focus on core competencies and exploring how a supplier can undertake non-core activities more efficiently. Enhanced value is sort by integrating suppliers deep into the business through complex partnering arrangements. Suppliers are now contracted to be responsible for business outcomes. The public sector have now contracted for health, social and judicial outcomes. The question is how do you make that choice, where does the ‘buy or build’ boundary lie?

In this world of flexible labour and creative sourcing contracts (outsourcing, off-shoring, near-sourcing, shared services, healthcare commissioning, joint venturing etc.) it is now even more critical you have the right advice guidance and leadership to determine where the boundary lies and the commercial model which will deliver the most value to your business.

Our consultants will collaborate with the wider business; we will consult partners and investigate the market. With this knowledge we will lead your executives through an objective review of services and activities to achieve better quality at optimal cost. This could mean outsourcing or bringing a service back in-house. It might mean restructuring and strengthening core business activities and externalising the non-core. Is your organisation leveraging the market capability to add value to your bottom line or service recipients?

Contact us to explore how SSAPS can facilitate your ‘buy or build’ decisions and leverage market value.