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Complex Contracts

Joint ventures, partnerships, healthcare commissioning, outsourcing, PFI (in the public sector), shared services, and off-shoring are established ways of securing the value an organisation needs to remain competitive and effective. Under our deal making leadership, we engineer commercial solutions and design a procurement process which secures the outcomes your business needs. If your contract is in midterm, we have approaches that deliver enhanced value through re-negotiation or improved relationships and contract management.


SSAPS specialises in:


Deal Brokering - Acquisition or Procurement Management

Deal engineering and delivery of sourcing arrangements for technology and business services creating proper commercial structures through a procurement process that make the deal work for both parties over the long term. Whether it is a PFI, Joint Venture or Commissioning in the NHS, our consultants deliver the deal and the management arrangements to ensure successful transition and integration into the business.


Contract Health Check and Performance Improvement

Review existing delivery arrangements using our Contractor Analysis and Relationship Evaluation (CARE) technique in the context of failing performance or relationship or ahead of a major event e.g. re-tendering and the risks of due diligence/hand over.


Contract and Relationship Management

Manage contracts where they have not been managed before or step-in where existing arrangements have created poor supplier performance and imbalance in the buyer-supplier relationship, diagnosing (see Contract Health Check) and re-negotiating contracts where appropriate. Both sides are dependent on proper structures to make the deal work. We make your deal work.



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