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October 2011 Delivering Business Outcomes Through Successful Business Relationships

Delivering Business Outcomes Through Successful Business Relationships

January 2010 Associate Networking Event

The presentation on Outcome Based Agreements and how they can be used to overcome the current econonic challenges given to consultants at the event can be downloaded here:
Presentation on Outcome Based Agreements
Should you wish to become an Associate Consultant of SSAPS please download the registration form and email to
Registration form

A new Decade, a New Outsourcing Challenge
Our Director Gavin Bowden-Hall as Chairman of Intellect’s Outsourcing and Offshoring Group edited the thought leadership regarding the confluence in the market of three commercial forces which have combined to create a perfect storm: cloud computing, the lack of investment funds and constrained commercial relationships. This paper challenges the established view that IT has to be a capital and people intensive industry. In this new decade, business survival and performance will be driven by business leaders demanding: agile technology, fast procurement, speedy delivery, opex-funded transformational initiatives aligned to business outcomes that payback within the financial year and the delivery of value deep into their business’ frontline.  The paper can  be downloaded from Intellect at or downloaded here:
Intellect document