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Outsourcing and Shared Services Conference 2011

On May 16th SSAPS co-sponsored the Outsourcing and Shared Services Conference at 2011 and presented to 60 public sector professionals on 'Outcome Based Agreements for Commissioning Agile Value Adding Outsourced Services'.
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Posted by: Gavin

The presentation given argued that traditional outsourcing contracts are percieved to no longer deliver value and are vulnerable to strategic change driven by the business and wider economic factors leaving them detached from the business.  Hardly surprising that the University of Kansas reports the 'half life of requirements’ has shrunk to six months which means 75% of a Requirements Statement could be out of date by the time a year long procurement delivers the contract!


Our Director made the case that given the lack of cash and capital, when combined with disruptive technologies in a harsh business environment, means Outcome Based Agreements are a clear winner when exploring new ways of managing service and remunerating for value added.  Be it technology outsourcing contracts or healthcare commissioning, new and proven contract forms are now available.  OBAs deliver enhanced:

  • Alignment with business needs
  • Contractual agility
  • Management of risk
  • Service innovation.


The presentation set out both the theory and practice, with case study examples, and provided tips on conducting the procurement, how they work, the governance structures which drive performance and demonstrated how remuneration can be structured.