SSAPS delivers optimal sourcing and procurement solutions which add value to your organisation. In the world of business, suppliers and contracts must work effectively and in harmony. Each contract is like a piece of a jigsaw. The contracts have to fit with those along side and connect well with the buying business. It’s a good feeling when a critical piece of a jigsaw fits and the picture is revealed! The way suppliers engage and your commercial landscape is constructed is critical for success. Inappropriate contracts can damage your business. SSAPS understands this and works with our clients to:


  • Seek out improvement opportunities
  • Develop and deliver innovative
    commercial deals
  • Raise supplier performance
  • Enhance business outcomes

We provide expertise in all aspects of sourcing
and procurement.  Through our advice, guidance, leadership and interim services we deliver optimised and pioneering commercial solutions. Please explore our website and decide for yourself whether our consultants
can make a difference to your business.

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We offer a free Procurement Function diagnostic health check: go to Procurement Transformation for more information.